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The Behavior class controls the meshing behavior of Trianlge.NET.

Public properties

Name Type Description
Quality bool Turn quality meshing on/off.
MinAngle double Minimum angle constraint.
MaxAngle double Maximum angle constraint.
MaxArea double Global maximum area constraint.
VarArea double Consider per triangle area constraints.
SteinerPoints int Maximum number of Steiner points.
NoBisect int No new vertices on the boundary.
ConformingDelaunay bool Generate conforming Delaunay triangulations.
Algorithm TriangulationAlgorithm Triangulation algorithm.
UseBoundaryMarkers bool Use boundary markers.
Convex bool Create segments on the convex hull.


  • Setting MinAngle, MaxAngle or MaxArea will automatically turn quality on.
  • The static property Verbose turn logging on/off.
  • The static property NoExact will turn off exact arithmetic (faster, but likely to fail in general).

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