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Triangle.NET Library Features

  • Triangulation of 2D point sets and planar straight line graphs
  • Produce high-quality triangular meshes
  • Minimum and maximum angle constraints
  • Triangle area constraints
  • Easy mesh refinement
  • Simple mesh smoothing
  • Read and write Triangle format files (.node, .poly, .ele)
  • Node renumbering (Cuthill-McKee)

Mesh Explorer Features

  • Display meshes and Voronoi diagrams
  • Interface to most of the library features
  • View mesh statistics and quality information
  • Export mesh as graphics (.png, .eps or .svg)
  • See Screenshots

Future plans

  • Advanced mesh smoothing (with density functions)
  • Quadrilateral meshes

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rame2040 Feb 22, 2016 at 10:38 AM 
how to include contour plotting in this code? any updates please