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The Mesh class

Instance methods

The Triangulate method creates a mesh from a given geometry (may be a point set or a PSLG):

Mesh mesh = new Mesh();

// Triangulate a geometry stored in a .poly file with Triangle format.

// Triangulate a geometry using the InputGeometry class.
var geometry = FileReader.ReadPolyFile("some-geometry.poly");

// Use the FileWriter class to save the mesh.
FileWriter.Write(mesh, "some-mesh.ele");
The Load method reconstructs a previously generated mesh:

// Load a Triangle format mesh file.

// Load a mesh using an InputGeometry and a List<ITriangle>.
var geometry = FileReader.ReadPolyFile("some-mesh.poly");
var triangles = FileReader.ReadEleFile("some-mesh.ele");
mesh.Load(geometry, triangles);
The Refine method refines the current mesh. There are some shorthand overloads, but usually you will use the Behavior class (see Behavior Options page) to set refinement parameters:

// Refine by setting an area constraint to half the maximum triangle area.

// Get mesh statistics.
var statistic = new Statistic();

// Refine by setting a custom maximum area constraint.
mesh.Refine(statistic.LargestArea / 4);

// Refine by setting a minimum angle constraint using the Behavior property.
mesh.Behavior.MinAngle = 20;
The Renumber method will renumber the mesh nodes using a given numbering scheme:

// Renumber the mesh nodes using the Reverse Cuthill McKee algorithm to
// reduce the adjacency matrix bandwidth.

// Renumber the mesh nodes in linear order.
Finally, the Check method returns boolean values, indicating whether the mesh topology is ok and the mesh is Delaunay. If the static property Behavior.Verbose is set to true, the log will contain more information about what's wrong with the mesh.

bool isConsistent, isDelaunay;
mesh.Check(out isConsistent, out isDelaunay);

Public properties

Warning: The properties returning an ICollection are read-only, so the underlying collections can't be modified.

Name Type Description
Behavior Behavior Gets the mesh Behavior instance.
Bounds BoundingBox Gets the mesh bounding box.
Vertices ICollection<Vertex> Gets the mesh vertices.
Triangles ICollection<Triangle> Gets the mesh triangles.
Segments ICollection<Segment> Gets the mesh segments.
Edges IEnumerable<Edge> Gets the mesh edges.
Holes IList<Point> Gets the mesh holes.
NumberOfInputPoints int Gets the number of input vertices.
NumberOfEdges int Gets the number of mesh edges.
IsPolygon bool Indicates whether the input is a PSLG or a point set.
CurrentNumbering NodeNumbering Gets the current node numbering.

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