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From Beta 3 To 4

Projects compiled against Beta 3 will no longer complile with Beta 4. There are a few breaking changes which will be explained below:

1. InputGeometry replaced by IPolygon interface

The new IPolygon interface allows direct access to Points, Segments, Holes and Regions, thus methods like AddPoint or AddSegment from the InputGeometry class are no longer needed. An additional method AddContour is part of the interface, which allows adding contours and (possibly non-convex) holes in an easy way.

2. Removed public Mesh constructor

A mesh can be created by the GenericMesher class in the TriangleNet.Meshing namespace. The preferred method is to use one of the extension methods of the IPolygon interface. If you simply want to triangulate a pointset, you now have access to the Delaunay algorithms in the TriangleNet.Meshing.Algorithm namespace.

3. Removed public access to Behavior class

Mesh creation can be controlled by the new ConstraintOptions and QualityOptions classes. The Verbose option was moved to the Log class. If you are missing any options, let me know!

4. Removed Load method from Mesh class

Use the Converter class in the TriangleNet.Meshing namespace or the TriangleFormat class in the TriangleNet.IO namespace to load meshes.

5. Removed Smooth method from Mesh class

Create an instance of the SimpleSmoother class in the TriangleNet.Smoothing namespace and call its Smooth method.

6. Missing classes?

Some classes have been renamed, some moved to other namespaces. If you are missing something let me know!

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