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Migrate documentation to GitHub

Jun 17 at 7:00 AM
Edited Jun 17 at 7:48 AM
great library!

I just forked the project to GitHub (preserving commit history using git-svn) at
Hope you don't mind, I attributed author(s).

My question is that if you could export the Documentation Wiki (to be part of the repository somehow, or export it as markdown files and images, or anything). I'd love to have those as well.

Bonus question would be if you could pick a commit I could tag as "beta 3", as I tagged the topmost as beta 4.

Best would be if you would maintain the main repository at GitHub, so I could technically fork it, and reference into my projects from there.
Jun 17 at 7:50 AM
Actually I found the commit at

So I could setup the tags accordingly

Now the only thing would be the Documentation to migrate.